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As we’ve told you in the past days, the Pokémon Go was not released in the UK and other countries from Europe especially because the developer had some serious problems with its servers. It seems that the servers were not made to be capable of holding so many players and this is the reason why they’ve started to crash.

Since the servers were not able to hold the amount of gamers from the US, the developer has decided to firstly strengthen its servers before releasing the game in the UK and other European countries.

Well, it seems that the developer has moved quite fast, as Pokémon Go can now be found in the UK App Store. The game has been spotted this morning and it seems that soon enough, it will be released for other European countries.

Unfortunately, some of the gamers that have been playing Pokémon Go have reported that their smartphones have been stolen. It seems that several robberies are going on especially because in order to be good at this game you will need to catch a good amount of Pokémon and this can be done only if you visit lots of places, because these creatures are randomly spawning all over the world.

If you are a Pokémon Go player, we suggest you to take a good look around, as there are high chances that someone could come and steal your handset. If you are the parent of a kid who plays this game, we suggest you to go with him/her whenever (s)he wants to go outside to catch some Pokémon. In the upcoming days, the Pokémon Go will be released in many countries and you will see that there will be more and more gamers who will want to play it.

Will you play Pokémon Go once it will be released in your country?