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Pokémon Go is a new game, but it is now one of the hottest games out there, with a good amount of gamers playing it every day. In just less than a week after its launch, the game has been installed on twice as many phones as Tinder.

People are spending now so much time in this game that their muscles sore because they walked too much. At the same time, small businesses are winning thanks to this game, as people tend to go more outside and inevitably, they need to enter a restaurant to eat or drink something and also to rest their legs.

If you have a small business, then you should verify if it is a Gym or Pokéstop. Gyms and Pokéstops attract lots of gamers without any effort, as players will need to go near these locations to purchase (virtually) stuff that they need in the game or to conquer the gym.

Unfortunately, there is no official map of Pokémon Go which lists all the Pokéstops and Gyms. However, you can install the game and check by yourself if your business is a Pokéstop or Gym.

Pokémon Go comes with a big amount of in-app purchases and the one that is most important for your small businesses is “Lures”. Lures will increase the scarcer generation in that area for half an hour. This may not be too much, but Pokémon are not that easy to find and luring is a great tool that you can use to highly increase your chances to find one.

According to someone who owns a pizzeria that’s also a Pokéstop has used lures the entire day and he noticed that a good amount of kids and adults came in for a pizza and to  drink something (until the lure ran out).

For $100, you get 14.500 Pokécoins and eight-packs of Lures costs 680 Pokécoins. By following a simple map, you will be able to get 21 packs of 8-pack of Lures and this means that you will spend about $100 for 84 hours lures.

In other words, $100/84 = $1.19/hour and we are pretty sure that’s not a big amount of money that you can spend for a small business, especially if you own a restaurant or pizzeria, where you will need customers.