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Fans of the Pokémon series have been expecting the augmented reality game for a while, and when it finally arrived on July 6, their lives changed 180 degrees. If, before, they spent a lot of time at home, Pokémon Go has completely changed their lifestyle, driving them out of their houses and helping them grow muscles on their legs, after the long walks they take outside, in search of Pokémon to catch.

Pokémon GO is a new augmented reality game for smartphones running on iOS and Android, which brings people together, while they’re hunting for these adorable creatures on the streets, in parks and other places. The game uses phone’s GPS and camera to locate Pokémon, but soon, players will be able to find these creatures much easier, with the help of the Pokémon Go Plus wearable, which will alert them whenever a Pokémon is nearby.

There are many people who started playing Pokémon Go after being convinced by their friends. If you’re thinking about joining this madness, there are some beginner’s guide to Pokémon GO that will help you understand this game, but we recommend you to follow Forbes blogger Paul Tassi’s list of tips.

According to Tassi, Pikachu should be picked as your starter, but he explained impatient players that catching higher level Pokémon requires some actual strategy and battling is more complicated than it looks. He continued his guide by saying that you can’t cheat egg-walking easily and in order to take over a gym, you will need to beat the rival team into the ground repeatedly. Once you become an owner of a gym, you get free stuff, but if you decide to invest in your Pokémon, you must learn when to do it, and when to hold off.

Criminals are taking advantage of this new phenomenon, and they’re luring victims into less circulated places, where they can rob players. In the US, 11 teenagers have been robbed in the past days and more incidents will follow, especially during the night, when players go hunting for Pokémon.