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Great news on the Minecraf: Pocket Edition front! Mojang the company responsible for the game announced at the E3 event the release of many new additions for the Android version, like a cross platform with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and access to the Realms servers.

The previous Minecraft game releases had support for playing cross platform between Android, Windows Phone, PC and iOS and now, with this latest update, players will be able to join servers with Xbox 360 and Xbox One. On top of that, it also opens up Xbox Achievements.

As mentioned above, the cross platform play is not the only great addition that comes with the update; there’s also the access to the Realms servers.

Basically, these Realms are Microsoft servers that are professionally maintained and they can be rented so people can host their own games on the Realms.

The rest for these servers goes up to $7.99 per month, but if you are interested in trying it out, there is a free trial month available. But it seems like a pretty good deal for being able to have your own Minecraft game world that you can use in order to play with family and friends

Now, in terms of housekeeping additions, the update includes zombie villages, pistons, jungle temples, carrot on a stick, mutton, horses, plastic texture packs, city texture packs.

Until you figure out how the whole cross platform and realm creating in Minecraft goes here are some fun facts about the game:

  • Minecraft is a mandatory part of the curriculum for the 13 year old students of a Swedish school named Viktor Rydberg
  • The first name for the game was ‘Cave Game’
  • Creepers appeared as a coding error
  • The first ever Minecraft was created in only six days
  • It became so famous because of all of the free marketing it got; most people heard about it from friends and from YouTube videos.