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Nowadays, there are a good amount of mobile messaging applications, each one offering interesting features. Google also owns Hangouts service, which is also one of the most popular ones. If you own an Android device, there are very high chances that you’ve already used this application before. Well, it seems that Google has released Hangouts version 11 application and this new update comes with an important feature that was expected by many users until now.

This new Hangouts version comes with video messages, which means that you will be able to send video messages via the Hangouts application. We remind you that this feature was supposed to be released long time ago, but the big search engine company didn’t bring it until now.

In order to send a Video Message while using Hangouts application, you will have to tap on the small video camera button that’s located at the very bottom of the application’s window. The application will start recording and once you’re done, you can confirm the video and send it to your friend.

Keep in mind that after before you send it, you can also see a preview of the video (keep in mind that you will be able to see it with a separate app). We are not sure why Google couldn’t make the preview video to be played inside the Hangouts application, but we’re sure that it had a good reason.

The Hangouts version 11 will no longer allow you to have merged conversations (Hangouts and SMS). However, you will still be able to send SMS messages as in the past, but you will NOT be able to switch between Hangouts and SMS within the conversation window.

According to Google, this feature has not been “widely used” in the past and, instead, it created a lot of confusion. This is the reason why the big search engine company has decided to remove the “merged” Hangouts & SMS feature.