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GTA 6 is such a hot topic right now and it’s presumed location even more so. Rumors regarding the location of the sixth installment in the GTA series are rampant and suggest many places including Tokyo, London and San Diego.

Some reports place the Grand Theft Auto VI in London because many of the people involved in the development of the series are British and it would make sense to do so.

Another rumor about the location is that it will be a world map that will enable players to travel all around the globe. This is truly an ambitious presumption and it would require a lot of resourced on the part of the game’s developers to make this happen and let’s hope that they do make it happen.

On the other hand, some fans and players suggest that while, it would be great to have the game set in a different country, it will most likely be set in the United States, more specifically in San Diego.

So far, Rockstar – the company responsible for the development of the series – hasn’t stated anything about the GTA 6.

Lastly, there are the rumors regarding the release date for the game, and many believe, based on the pattern of game launches from Rockstar so far, that it will come to us sometime in 2018. This is because there was a five year gap between the release of GTA IV and GTA V. then again there are some people that say that the game will come out in 2020, along with the release of a latest generation of a game console.

Regardless of when it will actually come out, GTA VI will most likely be an awesome gaming experience as the current running installment GTA V was and is a huge success.