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Nothing has caused more stir in this world as this Pokémon Go game has caused all over the globe. The real time game built on Unity 3D is developed by the Niantic and within a few days, everyone wants to play this game only!

While everyone is doped to this game, they are also relying on the communities to provide more features about it so that they could enjoy it more. Some of the trick and cheats are also available here that you can have for the Pokémon Go game, but make sure that your iPhone is not jailbroken for that.


We all love to explore more of the Pokémon world and that is only possible when we have the right tweaks so that we could get to see more inside their world and catch the exceptional kind of Pokémon’s. The servers are usually down with the load of the game and players that it goes off. With the FlappyGo tweak, you can enjoy this game while being in the Pokémon app till the servers recover themselves.

This tweak is available on the developer’s personal spot:

Google account Fix 

When you are excitedly signing up for playing the Pokémon Go, you are also providing all the access to the developers to your personal Google account too. This has been found out that when you are signing in from this account, then you are providing them with an absolute access that they can get to check everything within your account. It is better to create another account that is not personal for playing the Pokémon Go.


For all those who wants to be a part of this fun and addictive Pokémon Go world, but their gadgets are jail broken, then they cannot enjoy this game in their iOS devices. There is a jailbreak recognition method is installed in the codebase of Pokémon Go just like many other apps and games. Although, there is a tweak available for that too, that is known as PokePatch, which can be installed from:

Once you install it and you can play the game on your jail broken iOS device.


Pokémon Go wants you to stand up and walks so that you could explore and catch the Pokemons, but since you cannot do that every time, you can simply install this cheat called PokemonGoAnywhere. Wherever you want to go just click on that location and the character will walk over to that place without you need to stand up and walk.

Get this cheat from:

Pokemon Go battery Saver:

With the extremely high graphics and continuous playing of this game with the camera along with the GPS to track the location, it has made it problematic for the device’s battery to survive for long. But, many of the players do not know that there is an in- app option present in the Pokemon Go app, which is called Battery Save mode and by enabling it, you can save battery.

Pokemon Lock

Now you do not need to unlock your iPhone or iPad while playing the Pokemon Go because with the Pokemon Lock tweak, you can play it on the lock screen too. You must ensure about disabling the Passcode from your Settings while choosing to play it on the lock screen.

This tricky tweak is present on: