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The Lightroom 2.1 for Android comes with end-to-end DNG capture experience that was firstly announced during the Lightroom version 2.0 for Android. On the other hand, Lightroom 2.4 for iOS has received two major improvements along with a raw technology preview and local adjustment tools.

Lightroom 2.1 for Android: What’s New?

– a Pro mode for the built-in camera will now allow you to control the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more;
– The new Lightroom Camera widget will also allow you to access the camera directly, which means that you will be able to take photos faster;
– The functionality to export full resolution photos has been improved (if the photos are available somewhere within the Lightroom ecosystem, the Lightroom application will allow you to download the photos at full resolution version.

Lightroom 2.4 for iOS: What’s New?

– A new raw technology preview has been added, which allows you to import raw photos directly to either your iPad or iPhone, edit them and after that share them anywhere you’ve got a connection;
– You can now perform local adjustments with radial and linear selection, meaning that you can either add or modify existing selections that have been made to photos and use the tools to draw attention to certain parts of a photo;
– You can now use the keyboard shortcuts with physical keyboards connected to iPads;
– You can now add copyright to all imported photos;
– More bugs fixes and improvements.

If you own a device that runs on Android or iOS, we suggest you to install the Lightroom application and take advantage of all the features that it comes with to make some awesome photos.

Have you used the Lightroom application before? Tell us your thoughts about it!