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Slowly, but surely, we are getting to the Anniversary Update Windows 10 is preparing for the 2nd of August. The latest build they released, 14385, shows that they are oriented towards this. In the last a couple of days, Microsoft has been working on fixing issues and bugs, along with interesting updates. Proof that they are really rushing to improve everything is the fact that the 14385 came in less than a week after the previous build, 14383.

The most recent build is focused on solving issues and fixing lots of bugs, as we already mentioned. Now you shouldn’t receive messages about your copy expiring on the 15th of July 2016. Surface devices should now enjoy a battery life boost. Many people complained about the fact that Spotify crashed often, and thankfully, this is fixed too. Also, Chrome had some clipping problems when it went full-screen. All this was solved and many more, including the reboot that occurred when the device was connected to a wireless network. Battery life was also boosted for the mobile OS, to make all users happy. The team worked on solving issues with the PDF and LastPass too.

The previous build also fixed lots of issues, the checkboxes display when in high contrast, a Surface Book issue that did not allow the screen to tilt properly when a GPU was connected to the system and a problem that occurred when several monitors that had various DPIs were connected. Bluetooth also encountered some errors when tracking mice and the on-screen reading in Narrator for users with disabilities also did not behave properly. They fixed the memory leak in Microsoft Edge about which many people were complaining since the extension for LastPass came into use.