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The enormous success of Pokémon Go took by surprise its creators, who weren’t expected so many people to install the new game on their iOS or Android devices. Currently, there are 10 million people from the US obsessed with this new game and their number is growing every day, making things complicated for Niantic, who hasn’t fixed server overload issues yet. However, there are still many people left out in the cold. Europeans will finally receive Pokémon Go in the next days, after the game was launched yesterday in Germany. And to make things even better, the game will support devices running Android N developer previews and smartphones powered by Intel chips.

Pokémon Go version 0.29.2 supports now Nexus devices running the Android N developer preview and Android devices powered by Intel x86-based processors, but this update is officially available only for players living in the US, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. However, other players can grab it from the internet, so if they own an Android device, the best website to download it from is APK Mirror. But they will need to enable Unknown Sources option or else, the operating system will forbid them to install files downloaded from third party sources.

So, if you own a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6 or Nexus 9 enrolled in the Android N developer preview program, or a device powered by an Intel x86-based processor from this list, you are eligible to install Pokémon Go version 0.29.2.

On the other hand, the newer version 1.01 fixed some issues that iOS users have faced, such as server security risks, while version 1.02, which already started rolling out, came with fixes for log-in issues encountered by players who signed in with a Pokemon Trainer Club.

Are you playing Pokémon Go on your device? Do you have any suggestions for Niantic?