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A recent report from Symantec states that there is an app on Google Play Store that can steal photos and videos from your Viber account. Viber is a widely used messaging system, almost as widely as WhatsApp and if you happen to be using it, then you should be very careful about the different apps that go into your smartphone, because Viber, like most apps, has its bugs and it can easily be exploited.

The malware app in question is named Beaver Gang Counter and on the surface it serves a score keeping application for a card game, but in fact, it tracks your photos and videos from your Viber account and uploads them to a remote server.

The implications here are very obvious and dangerous as anybody that has access to your personal media can easily hurt you via blackmail, identity theft, fraud of various kinds, not to mention that even though they don’t actually do all of those illegal things, they could still stalk you which again, is very disturbing.

However, it doesn’t do that automatically; it has to wait for certain instructions coming from a remote command and control server before it actually accesses your videos and photos. This ability is also the reason why it went past the Google Play Store security features and it makes you wonder what other malicious apps went past it.

This just goes to show, that although Google Play has a good security system, certain malware can still get through. It’s one thing to download malware apps from an unknown site and a completely different thing to download them from a known and trusted site like Google Play Store and if there’s anything to take from this, apart from deleting Beaver Gang Counter, is to pay extra attention to the apps that we download and install.