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The entire universe is set for the release of the Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7, 2016’s hottest phones. And as much as we don’t want to sabotage their announcements, we are forced to see new leaked photos of the iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7 every day.

So far, we know that the iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7 models are getting assembled – well, at least from what we can see on the pictures. It is not clear, however, whether these photos represent the official new models.

So, what are we up against – or should we say – which leaked photo is hotter at this point?

The iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Case

In the latest episode of leaked iPhone 7 photos, a Twitter user named ‘The Malignant’ shared another leak after a number of leaks in the past. However, we still do not know if the handset in this new photo is actually a fully assembled iPhone 7 or a dummy (a combination) of iPhone 7 parts taken from the manufacturing partners.

What we know, however, is that the iPhone 7 in this version is amazing. Here is the photo for you to decide:


Solid aluminum, minimalistic and camera-focused. That’s how we like the next iPhone 7, don’t we?

The Galaxy Note 7 Leaked Photos Case

The latest leaked photo of the Galaxy Note 7 is by NowhereElse fashion, the French blog which pulled these leaked photos from Weibo (the Chinese Twitter). Now, it is really difficult to see how trustworthy this pictures are or how authentic they may be – but let’s face it – these leaked photos of the Galaxy Note 7 look a lot realistic.

The phone seems to look like the Galaxy S7 edge a lot, featuring curved edges on both sides of the display and a probable stylus support with the unique Note software and TouchWiz launcher.

Here are they so you can see them:


So, we can definitely say that things are getting steamy before the release of the iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7. The question that remains is – would you like to have these actual phones as they are in the leaked photos – in your hands?