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Supercell’s “Clash Of Clans” is played by millions of mobile phone users, but it’s also a muse for developers who worked on titles that offer a similar gameplay. Today we’ll talk about “Battle Champs”, which was created by BlazeGames. The game shouldn’t be considered a copycat, as the developers had in mind to improve some of the features of CoC.

“Battle Champs” is a Japanese city-building strategy game that can be played on devices running on iOS 6.0 or later or Android 4.0 or later and according to PocketGamer, the game has included the collection of creatures from “Pokemon” and “Yo-Kai Watch”, which can be used to form an army. Players will have ten unique champs to choose from and reviewers agree that in “Battle Champs”, there are more interesting troops. BlazeGames has tweaked brainless barbarians from “Clash of Clans”, giving them strengths and weaknesses, but players can also evolve them.

The gameplay is more competitive and it encourages players to join clans and to go to battle against their enemies. Giant Battles are, somehow, a collaboration between up to 200 players who don’t see each other, but who fight against a fierce enemy.

In “Clash of Clans”, players couldn’t control troops when the unit was deployed, but “Battle Champs” offers a guide button with which players are able to control their units, so they attack a desired area.

In “Battle Champs”, players will have as an avatar Commander Nia, who is capable of summoning troops and fighting alongside them. “Battle Champs” is also offering players the option to enjoy the game on their own, to explore airship upgrades, troops and more.

BlazeGames is a team of veterans, consisting of CEO Yuji Okada, an expert in console and arcade business, Akihiko Yoshida – creator of “Final Fantasy Tactics,” “Bravely Default” and “Ogre Battle”, designer Satoshi Matsura and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.