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Just recently, the WhatsApp mobile app has become a phenomenon as it is now known as the most popular platform for messaging in the world.

WhatsApp is an app-developing company owned by Facebook. Accordingly, it was able to process 64 billion messages on a very successful day. Thus, it can only be concluded that this app is remarkably popular among mobile users all over the planet.


This overall success has led to questions on whether or not the developers are going to create a desktop version of WhatsApp messenger for mobile platform. Well, nobody was indeed disappointed as the app for Windows and Mac has been released as of late. Not long ago, this app was just limited to sending and receiving messages on a mobile device. Nowadays, it is already possible to do it from the desktop.

Here’s how you can get it for your Mac OS X device.

You need to download the WhatsApp version that should be compatible to iOS devices. The website offers some links that enable users to choose one that should redirect them to the Apple App Store.

  • 2. Install the App

After downloading and dragging the app to your Mac folder, a QR code will be presented to you. So you need to get on your smartphone and open the app. After opening WhatsApp, you need to hit the three dots located on the top right corner and choose WhatsApp Web.

  • 3. Scan the QR Code

Once you open the QR scanner from your mobile app, it will enable you to get the code scanned on your Apple computer screen. Accordingly, you will then have the WhatsApp conversations and contacts synchronized on your desktop.

Here’s how you can get WhatsApp to your Windows desktop.

  • 1. Visit the WhatsApp Website

The process is just identical to the first instruction when you need to download the app for your Mac device. Just make sure that you choose the link for downloading the app that should be compatible for Windows. Thus, you can now confirm the download.

  • 2. Install the App on Your PC

After downloading the file, you can install it just like you would using WhatsApp Web. Then you can launch the app on the PC and wait for the QR code to be presented.

  • 3. Launch the App on Your Phone

You need to launch the app on your smartphone and switch to Settings tab. You will also have to select WhatsApp Web so that you will be able to scan the QR code presented on the screen. After which, the desktop client will display all contacts and conversations by which you can begin syncing all information coming from your phone.

The availability of WhatsApp on Windows or Mac OS X has offered a major benefit over existing Web interface. That is the support for notifications from your native desktop. Likewise, it can provide more accessibility through keyboard shortcuts. This move has indeed matched the performance of apps from popular competitors such as Viber that has enabled desktop clients for quite a while already.