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Unless you are living under a rock, there is no chance at all that you haven’t heard about the new craze with the Pokémon GO, the game that once again proved how popular the TV show Pokémon was and still is in our generation.

However, Pokémon decided to step out from the screen and come into our real life – through the amazing smartphone game that lets you ‘look’ for Pokémons and capture them on your phone. They are spread onto different locations, and the more you collect – the more you score in the game.

Sounds interesting?

If yes, you should download Pokémon Go now. The game is now available in the US on both iOS and Android. You can download it on the following links:

Ever since it was announced, this game was one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. As soon as it was officially published, it struck the App Store and Google Play in a lot of countries, topping the lists. Developed by Niantic Labs and in collaboration (and under license) with Pokémon, the game has won the hearts of many people.


But what happens once you download it?

Well, as soon as you install the game, you will be redirected to a screen where you pick your starter Pokémon. You can choose between 3 classic pocket monsters from Pokémon Red and Blue: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. As soon as you select the one you want, you should get your bearings and see the map of your surroundings. Pokémon Go happens in real world – which means that you should take a trip with your smartphone and step out of the comfort zone of your home.


Once you exit your home and start looking for Pokémons, the adventure happens. You will instantly see like-minded people using the app and searching for Pokémons. Whether it’s a lunch break from work or a walk to the nearest supermarket, you can definitely find more and more Pokémons on your way.

A great tip in this journey is to always have your Battery Saver mode turned on and bring a few portable chargers – because yes, Pokémon Go can really drain your battery fast. Hey, at least it is fun, ain’t it?