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People are really excited about the new release for COD: Black Ops 3 and about the fact that the company is currently working on a new expansion called Descent. The new addition takes up 1.6 GB for the Xbox One and 1.4 GB on the PS4, which is quite some space. The good news is that it includes some extra support for the latest expansion. Descent has reached the consoles this month on the 12th. Moreover, the team included support for the new game mode called Fracture and the Play Together feature.

Of course, the update also has some fixes. The most important one is that for the Redwood map, but people are enjoying the others too, for the Zombies mode and the damage made by the Banshii weapon.

Those who own the Black Ops 3 Season Pass will be able to enjoy the DLC immediately after the release. If you don’t have the pass, you will have to pay $15 in order to be able to enjoy the update. There is also the option of pre-loading the DLC. This will enable you to play it as soon as it is released due to reasons of space. Why? Because the DLC is 8 GB big, and it takes a while to load it.

It is indeed a mistake not to pre-load the game or the DLC before it is released. Simply think about the fact that the servers are extremely solicited whenever a new thing is released, and this adds more and more time to the download. Moreover, if you don’t enjoy a good Internet connection, you will spend hours and hours to download 8 GB. That’s why everybody recommends pre-loading the DLC.