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Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 14388 for PCs and mobile devices, but it doesn’t bring anything important, only bug fixes and some other improvements. The company will release the Anniversary Update on August 2 and it’s making the final touches, in order to make sure that everything will pan out okay.

Windows 10 Preview Build 14388 has two important changes, or bug fixes more exactly. First of all, Narrator, the screen reader, had problems with keyboard shortcuts, and now they’re working after locking a PC and then logging back in and starting to navigate to the desktop. Also, when going to “Date & time” menu in the “Time & language” section of Settings, the application will read out the date and time without any problem.

Dona Sarkar, software engineer in Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group has also mentioned that the new build brought a new version of the Store app. However, there are two known issues that haven’t been fixed yet. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 is not able to boot virtual machines if you turn on the Secure Boot option and Microsoft recommends you to use the software with Secure Boot turned off. The other problem is related the error code 0x80004005 which appears when Developer Mode is turned on and the build is used in other languages than US English. Here’s what Microsoft suggests you to do in this situation, even though Developer Mode is actually turned on:

– Go to Settings, click System, then click “Apps & features” and “Manage optional features.” After that, click “Add a feature,” “Windows Developer Mode” and then “Install”;
– Restart the device;
– Open up the Start menu, then type in Command Prompt and right-click on it to “Run as administrator”;
– Type in sc config debugregsvc start=auto.

This should fix the problem.