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Unfortunately for Symbian users, WhatsApp started sending notifications that it will no longer work on the platform starting with December 31st 2016.

It came as no surprise though, as WhatsApp has announced at the beginning of the year 2016, in February, that it will stop working on many outdated mobile OSs.

The notifications that lets users know that WhatsApp drops it’s support for Symbian has begun to pop up telling them that they won’t be able to use the messaging app after December 31, because after that date, the app will no longer support that particular mobile.

WhatApp also announced the end of support for Blackberry as well and advised users to get a newer generation Windows Phone, iPhone or any Android based smartphone before New Year’s Eve.

WhatsApp also mentioned the changes that took place in the smartphone market since 2009, when it was first launched and at the beginning Symbian and BlackBerry ran on approximately 70% of the mobile devices out there and OSs like Android or iOS only ran on 25% of the devices. Now, the situation has changed drastically for Symbian and Blackberry platforms and they are no longer popular, hence the dropping of the support from the messaging app.

In response to this situation, BlackBerry representatives have stated that they were extremely disappointed with WhatsApp’s decision.

But Symbian and BlackBerry are not the only ones that won’t have support for WhatsApp anymore, the Android Phone and Windows Phone 7.1 and everything below these OSs will stop receiving it as well.

The reason why this happens is that these OSs do not have the kind of capabilities that enable WhatsApp to expand its features in the long run.

So there you have it, if you want to keep using the app, you’ll have to upgrade to a better phone.