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Samsung seems to be on a high tide recently , with all the phones they have been launching. It is enough just to mention the J and the On series launched this year. As such, the question as to which one of them is better came naturally, so let’s have a look at their specs!

In fact, both phone are quite similar. They both run the Android Marshmallow version with TouchWiz UI, which is convenient. They both have 5-inches screens and the same 1280×720 pixels resolution. The battery is quite satisfactory in both cases, offering a 2600 mAh one, which should last more than a day. Another advantage both phones offer is the fact that you can expand the storage through a microSD card and can thus obtain up to 128 GB. The back camera has 8 MP both on the On5 Pro and on the J2, and the front one has 5 MP. also, they both support 4G LTE.

However, they are not entirely identical, of course. There are some significant differences that may help you in making a decision if you can’t choose between the two. For instance, the On5 Pro has the dimensions 142x72x9 mm, while the J2 has 142.4×71.1×8 mm. The On5 offers 2 GB RAM, and the J2 1.5. The J2 is also on minus with the internal storage of 8 GB, as compared to that of the opponent, of 16 GB, though you can expand it, as we already showed. While the On5 Pro runs on an Exynos chipset of 1.3 Hz, the J2 has a Spreadtrum SC8830. Lastly, the J2 can record only in 720p, whereas Galaxy On5 Pro kicks it up a notch with 1080p.