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Pokémon Go or anyone behind this game is NOT reading your Gmail. The developers of this new and popular game are now working on fixing a bug that’s allowing the game to gain FULL access of the Google Accounts that are associated with the device.

The developing company said that the game wasn’t meant to ask for such permissions and it will now fix the bug that’s causing it. Currently, Pokémon Go is able to access your Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos, but also track your location history, search history and more.

If you have already tried the Pokémon Go game, then you should already know that you can create a “Trainer Club” account by either inserting a new username or signing up using your Google account. If you are using your Google account to log into the iOS version of the game, then you should know that you’ve just allowed the game to have full access to your Google account.

However, Niantic Labs is already working on fixing this problem and we are pretty sure that in the next few days, this issue will be solved. Google claimed that even if the game had access to users’ Google Account data, the game has NOT accessed users’ private information. As soon as Niantic Labs will fix the problem, the game will no longer request full access to Google accounts anymore, which means that Pokémon Go’s permissions will be reduced.

This means that you will not need to delete your account and lose all your Pokémon Go progress. In addition, you won’t need to change the password, as even if the game had full access to your Google Account, it could NOT access your password or anything related to the account’s security.

Have you played the Pokémon Go on your iOS device? Have you created a “Trainer Club” by using a new username or did you sign-up using your Google account?