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Pokémon Go is a recently launched augmented reality game that has caused quite a stir on an international level. The purpose of the game is finding Pokemon, catching them and them have them fight with other Pokemon but the catch is that you have to go to certain place in reality to do so and Pokemon have been popping op in the most unlikeliest of places.
Here are 5 tips to help play efficiently as a beginner.

Search for Pokemon in their real-life environments

Ideally, you should look for Pokemon in real life places that are related to their characteristics. For example, fire Pokemon can be found near gas stations, while water Pokemon can be found near bodies of water.

Capture all Pokemon

Of course, the point of the game is to catch them all and that also implies catching Pokemon duplicates because then you get another evolution candy that will help your Pokemon evolve.

Pay attention to the color of the reticule when catching Pokemon

When you’ve found a Pokemon and you’re trying to catch it, you should hold your finger on the Pokeball and look at the small reticule that appears on the creature.
If it’s green, then the Pokemon is easy to catch, if it’s orange then it will be medium hard to catch and lastly, if it’s red, then it will be a very hard to catch Pokemon.

Find out what Pokemon are near you

The game has a meter on the bottom right side that shows you how close a particular Pokemon is to your location. It will display a list when you tap it and you can see how far they are from you based on their footprints.

Visit all Pokestops

Regardless of having a full bag or not, you receive 50XP for every Pokestop visit. Even though, it’s not that much, it still helps you as a beginner. Keep in mid that you have to reach the level 5 before you can go to a Pokemon gym.