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Pokémon Go was released exactly one week ago and it became the most downloaded game in the US in just three days after its launch. Players need to turn on GPS and camera of compatible iOS and Android devices will be used to capture Pokémon throughout the real world, which will be trained and sent to battle with other Pokémon. The game already received its first update, which fixed privacy issue and improved stability.

The augmented reality game is free to play, but it supports in-app purchases of gameplay items and players who don’t want to look at their phones’ screens all the time, to check if a Pokémon is nearby, soon will be able to buy the Pokémon Go Plus, a wearable that will connect via Bluetooth to the phone and will flash LEDs and vibrate to notify players when they will come across a Pokémon.

iOS players had experienced some unpleasantness with the game, as they were asked to offer full access to their Google account and the developers brought an important change in the permissions requested when installing the game, and now, it just wants to “Know who you are on Google” and to “View your email address.”

Niantic spotted the error and have addressed it in version 1.0.1, so now, the creators will see only the gamers’ basic profile information. Pokémon Go has also become more stable, because the bugs that were causing the game to crash from time to time have been fixed. Plus, trainers will no longer need to resubmit their username and password after suffering through a forced lock out.

Unfortunately, the game is still experiencing outages caused by trainers from the US who leave work and head home, following routes that take them to places with tall grass, where they can catch Pokémon. They overload servers and get the “unable to authenticate” warning message.