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There are many MacBook Air fans who are waiting for the release of the 2016 model, but Apple hasn’t been very communicative, leaving room for speculations. The lack of leaks about the MacBook Air 2016 made many people believe the line will be discontinued, because Apple is focusing on promoting other new products.

Japanese site Mac Otakara said that Apple will no longer produce the 11-inch MacBook Air 2016, preferring to release two larger variants with screens of 13-inch and 15-inch, because there’s already the 12-inch Macbook with a much lighter and thinner body than the current 11-inch MacBook Air.

If Apple is still thinking about releasing new MacBook Air 2016 models alongside the MacBook Pro 2016, they will carry USB Type-C ports and will support Thunderbolt 3, which will replace traditional USB Type A ports and older Thunderbolt and MagSafe ports. Parent Herald also suggested that the upcoming MacBook Air 2016 will be powered by the latest Skylake processor and will run on the new MacOS Sierra, and some new possible features could include Touch ID, NFC chips and wireless charging.

As for the MacBook Pro 2016, it’s expected to feature the “butterfly” keyboard mechanism that was used for the 12-inch MacBook, and this will result in wider, but thinner keys. Also, the device could have an OLED touch panel that will replace the function keys above the number row and will display information and options depending on what application is in use. In terms of hardware, the processor will be a Skylake, but there are rumors suggesting that Apple will opt for the Xeon E3 chips specially created for mobile devices. The processor could be backed by an AMD Polaris, but only for the 15-inch variant. Also, Apple is rumored to equip the 27-inch iMac with an AMD Polaris part.

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