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After releasing the first public BETA version of macOS Sierra, Apple has also released the iOS 10 as a public BETA. However, we should say that the iOS 10 Public BETA is as unstable as the previous BETA versions, so if you don’t want your phone to act weird from time to time or even crash, we suggest you to stick to iOS 9.

The iOS 10 has been unveiled during the WWDC 2016 event, but now it has been made available to the public. We’re not sure yet why Apple has rushed this, as this operating system is far from being a stable one. However, by releasing it to the public, it will be accessed by more users and this means that it will get more information about what’s going wrong on its upcoming operating system.

As expected, the final version of iOS 10 will be released sometime in September 2016, just like the previous iOS versions, which means that there is still a good amount of time until that will happen.

So, if you didn’t have the chance to test out the iOS 10 BETA yet, you can do it right now, thanks to the iOS 10 Public Beta version. The iOS 10 Beta also brings new features, a revised and corrected control center along with other updates for applications such as Photos or Messages.

In order to install the iOS 10 Public Beta on your handset, you will need a compatible device first (iPad, iPod touch or iPhone). After that, you will need to register on Apple’s BETA program by heading to this page and register for the software beta program. But, since this iOS 10 Public Beta is not too stable, we suggest you to NOT install it on your primary device.

Have you tested the iOS 10 Public Beta on your handset? Tell us your thoughts about it!