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Pokémon Go has become one of the most played games out there in a very short time. We are sure that the developer of this game has never thought that Pokémon Go will be played by so many people, as the servers have crashed several times because they were too crowded. Now, the company is trying to fix the servers and it is delaying the release date of this game on UK and other countries from Europe.

Pokémon Go: What Is This Game About

If you’ve just started playing Pokémon Go, then you should know that the goal in this game is to catch as many Pokémon as you can. After that, you can use them in battles in order to conquer gyms.

In Pokémon Go you will need to go outside a lot if you want to catch many Pokémon, as in order to move your character in this game, you will need to actually go outside and walk in the physical world. The game will use the smartphone’s GPS coordinates and it will move the character based on your location.

In order to catch a Pokémon, you will just need to tap it and this will put it in your field of view (using the camera of your mobile phone). In order to catch it, you will need to throw the Pokéball by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Pokémon Go: Getting More Pokéballs

In order to get more Pokéballs, you will need to just visit a Pokéstop. The Pokéstops can be spotted in the game’s map with a circle and a Pokéball in the center. So, just head to the Pokéstops (physically go there) and purchase more Pokéballs. Usually Pokéstops are located nearby a park, a store etc.

Once you are near a Pokéstop, tap on the symbol and some items that can be purchased will appear on your screen. The Pokéballs and other items can be bought via in-app purchases.

Pokémon Go: Evolving Your Pokémon

In order to evolve your Pokémon, you will need to give them candy or stardust. You will collect these items when you catch a Pokémon. The catch is that each type of Pokémon requires a specific amount of candy/stardust to evolve.

Keep in mind that candy and stardust can also be used to increase the CP of your Pokémon. CP stands for combat points and the higher it is, the better the Pokémon will be in battle.