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The two giant tech companies, Google and Apple have always been in a fierce competition on the market for software and some of their competing services are the Apple Music and the Google Play Music.

Here is an overview of the two services to give you some idea about which one is better suited for you music listening needs.

The Similarities

The two services are very similar in many ways. For example, they both work on Windows or MacOS, iOS and Android and they both enable users to manage their music for free while at the same time offering an option to access a 35 million songs catalog for only $9.99 a month.

Furthermore, they pretty much offer the same services like radio mixes, podcasts, music recommendations, allowing users to like songs, build playlists and then share them.

The Differences

The Google Play Music is a completely web based service, whereas the Apple Music service is cloud based through the iCloud Music Library.

Users have broken down the different experiences they’ve had with the two music services like this: Google Play Music is very simple to use and the search box basically dominates the screen, while Apple Music is too detailed and complicated with an overall elegant appearance.

Why you should use Apple Music

On of the strongest points regarding Apple Music is that across time, some important names in music released tracks exclusively for the service, something that has never happened in the case of Google Play Music. Not only that but it also features a smart playlist with many perks and the music recommendations are far more efficient that the ones you find on Google Play Music.

Why you should use Google Play Music

First of all, it enables you to upload up to 50.000 songs to the cloud for free. Sure, it’s not a lot compared to Apple which allows up to 100.000 uploaded to the iCloud, but the thing is, you have to pay for this Apple service.

Also, because is web based completely, Google Play Music can only be used if you are connected to the internet.