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Google Nexus, a highly anticipated device that will supposedly run the latest Google OS named Android Nougat, is rumored to be released sometime next month.

However, that assumption is very hard to believe as Google hasn’t mentioned anything about either the Google Nexus smartphone or the Android Nougat being featured on any device that will be released soon. So there is nothing pointing out to an August release of the device.

Other users believe that the Google Nexus won’t be released anytime soon, because Google still has to put the finishing touches on Android Nougat.

Several tech blogs have posted info about Android Nougat’s stages of release and the beta testing process will be completed at the end of August/ beginning of September according to that schedule.

Although, given that the final build of the OS could be released in August, the Google Nexus could be released very soon after as well.

Other rumors about Google’s next generation Nexus series states that they will be named Sailfish and Marlin and they will feature the same specs, albeit different screen sizes.

Nexus Sailfish will sport a 5 inch screen, whereas the Marlin will supposedly feature a 5.5 inch one. Both handsets will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4 GB or RAM. Apart from those features, the Sailfish and the Marlin will also sport an AMOLED display, a fingerprint reader for security and a new USB-C port.

Lastly, there are rumors that Google will also release Nexus like smartwatches which will go by the names Angelfish and Swordfish and that they are scheduled for release this August.

Hopefully, the Google Nexus models and the smartwatches will be released next month but Google would have mentioned something about them by now if they were indeed so close to release so it’s very unlikely for that to happen.