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This July we will get the chance to enjoy the next DLC available for Fallout 4, the successful game made by Bethesda. It is called Vault-Tec Workshop and sadly it is not known when exactly it will be released this month. However, it seems that we will be getting a small preview of it, which is better than nothing until the official release. Until now, we know that at the E3 event held earlier this year, the company announced that this new DLC will bring interesting constructions features in order to find more diversity in the builds.

Now you will be able to find underground facilities and build them with useful materials. Moreover, the developers also included some retro furniture, lighting and art, for those who are into this kind of additions. It is not clear though whether the DLC will bring a different option for the settlement (meaning you will be able to expand the vault in the underground to the above settlements) or reserve a special area for these new constructions.

From the description and the trailer of the DLC we find out that there might be another new feature that allows players to run experiments on the dwellers in the game. As it seems, you can start out tests on the settlers for studies or simply for fun.

The new Vault-Tec Workshop will let you build a massive vault and bring new settlers through some industrial kits that provide you retro art, lighting and furniture. It is up to you to see how is best to use the tool this new DLC will provide you. Also, it remains to be seen whether the new content will worth the wait.