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Do you feel like your iPhone lacks the best apps that you are looking for? Well, cheer up because Google Play has launched its movies and TV apps on iOS, which means that you can now use Play Store on your iPhone or iPad. Then of course, you can’t get the Google Play Store itself since Android apps do not work in iOS. Instead, what you’ll be able to get is Google Play Movies & TV.

Anyway, here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Apple App Store and search for Google Play, or specifically Google Play Movies & TV.
  • Click the app and install.

Once installed, you will be able to watch all the movies and televisions movies you have purchased on Google Play. Take note though that because of Apple’s restrictions, you cannot buy new films or TV shows. You will have to use the Play Store or a browser on an Android device in order to do so.

Download full Play Store on iPhone

Now, if you really want to access the whole of Google Play Store on your iPhone – without any restrictions – jail breaking your phone is the way to go. And if you decide to do so, choose one that works on your iPhone platform, download it from trusted source, and then install.

After which, install Bootlace and Cydia, and launch the latter from your home screen. Select the “Manage” button, tap on “Edit” and then check “Add”. Type the web address of Cydia and then install it followed by Bootlace.

Next, run Bootlace and reboot your iPhone. Open iBoot and then install it from Bootlace. After iBoot is installed, install iDroid by checking the iDroid button next to “Open iBoot”. The download can take some time, so you might need to be patient. By the way, the iDroid is the Android operating system customized for iPhone.

Once you have installed iDroid, reboot your iPhone using Android OS. This will allow you to access all the apps in Google Play Store. Tip: You can revert back to Apple’s operating system by rebooting your iPhone with iOS.

So, that’s basically all you need to do. Anyway, click here to get the hottest news and features of the Google Play Store.