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Pokemon GO madness has begun after the game was released on July 6. People are spending more time on their smartphones, outside, searching for Pokemon to catch, but they’re complaining that they’re wasting their phones’ batteries pretty fast and they’re carrying portable battery chargers with them. You never know when you will stumble upon a Pokemon and it’s better to be prepared. Below, we’ll present you a list of weird places where players have caught Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

As you know, you can catch Pokemon in the real world, as they live in different areas. For example, a water-type Pokemon will be found near water (rivers, seas), others live in caves, in the mountains, rough terrains, urban areas, and there are also ten rare Pokemon. When a Pokemon is nearby, the Pokemon Go Plus wearable that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth starts flashing LEDs and vibrates, to notify the player. However, this is an optional device, as players can find these creatures only using their iOS or Android phones, by playing with the camera on.

Some guy went to a baseball game and suddenly, he saw a giant Krabby at the stadium while he was using the phone’s camera to take pictures. Another guy was mowing the lawn in his backyard and he was surprised to see a wild Bellsprout (grass-type creature) in his path. Another player went to a grocery store and in the frozen foods section was waiting a Magikarp (medium-sized fish) for him. Another photo showed the same creature in a frying pan, while two players who were enjoying their modern toilet experience have found Abra (bipedal Pokémon that is primarily yellow) and Pidgey (plump-bodied avian Pokemon) in their bathrooms.

A wild Pokemon was spotted when trying to “steal” player’s booze, which was kept on the floor, but the most interesting capture was in a hospital, when a guy’s wise was in labor.