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If you’re a fan of TV shows and movies, maybe you’re interested to know what free apps for streaming them. Let’s see what free streaming apps are there on Android.

SPB TV. This is not an app that is specific for a certain region, which is good because it offers content from all around the world by using lots of stations. Starting from Comedy for Women, you have quite a large array to choose from. You can’t find NBC, Showtime or the latest movies, but it’s a pretty useful app.

Toonmania. For anime fans, Toonmania is definitely a must-have. It offers a huge array of dubbed interesting cartoons and another advantage is the fact that it offers a user-friendly interface. Also, you have a huge list of filters, so it helps you choose a very specific search.

Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is also a streaming app for Anime and you can find it on Google Play. It offers a great selection of the free Anime you can find, plus it has a decent rating.

FilmOn. This app streams a large range of channels found all over the world. You can also find here classic movies and also B ones. It is a nice mix, but also quite bizarre, since it brings together lots of genres, from horror to Kung Fu and sports.

Crackle. This is one of the most popular free streaming apps, and many people like it, maybe because it receives a monthly update with movies and shows. It is now owned by Sony, and sadly it has some ads that run regularly in the content. However, this is the price you have to pay for having access to perhaps the best selection of movies and shows available online.

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