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Google has a variety of applications such as Inbox, Calendar, Gboard and Maps, and there are some users who think that the developers have given their best to impress iOS users more. Or, at least some users claim that these applications look better in iOS than in Android, and we’ll give you a few examples of subjective opinions from people who have tried the aforementioned applications on both platforms.

It is known that third-party keyboards in iOS have issues and they feel buggy, but it seems that Google’s Gboard works perfectly, although dictation can’t be used because of Apple’s restrictions. The company still refuses to allow users to set third party applications (browsers, calendars, email) as the default, but these applications don’t feel isolated from the rest of the phone and they’re working perfectly, but most important, they look better.

Google Search! Is very disappointing in Android, and users have complained that after doing a research, the information isn’t stored in a browser tab, so it’s lost after closing the browser window. Well, on iOS, everything you’re looking at is stored in a history of vertically scrolling cards which you can check later.

Motion Still is another application that iOS users are pleased of, as it takes advantage of phone’s camera and creates awesome short movies or GIFs, which can be shared in messaging applications. Motion Stills takes movies and puts them in a vertical scroll, like on Instagram, and users find them easily.

Google’s Hangouts chat app seems more coherent on iOS, while on Android, its design and placement of the buttons change frequently and users are not very excited about this, because they don’t have time to get used to the small tweaks. Plus, in iOS, extensions can be used to share directly to a person in a chat right inside the pop-up share sheet and Google has added a similar feature called “Direct Share” for Android applications back in October 2015, and this feature was rolled out to Hangouts last month.