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If you have several Android devices in your family, you have probably been waiting for long for Google to offer some app sharing option. Well, good news, it is finally here!

Family Library has been a long time coming, but last 2nd of July, Google happy announced that it is rolling out the feature on Play Store as detailed in its recently updated Google Play Developer Support documents.

The update entails that all app purchases will have the family sharing feature, much like Apple’s family sharing, although developers have the option to opt out, or update their previous version to make their previous purchases compatible.

To enable the family sharing of the apps you have previously purchased, follow these instructions as explained by Google support:

  • Sign to your Google Play Developer Console, and then select an app.
  • Look for ‘Pricing and Distribution’ and select it.
  • Select the check box corresponding to the “Family Library’ section.

Once done, you will be shown your app purchases with information on which among them are eligible for Family Library.

With the Family Library, your whole family no longer need to use a single Google account in order to share an app you have purchased. You also do not need to pay for an app individual if each of you is using different Google accounts. The Google IO 2016 system will users to share apps, games and content with up to six(6) Google Play accounts.

The new feature was launched some days ago, and some people said that they are starting to the changes already.

If you have installed version 6.8.20 and have not seen anything related to family sharing on your Play Store, just wait a wee bit because it maybe going live in batches. Or better yet, try updating to the latest version of the Play Store or Google Play Services.