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Live streaming is currently the hottest new function that users are looking for any video sharing website, and it is a feature that you would probably expect YouTube to have in its mobile app. On the contrary, YouTube’s mobile version does not have a mobile feature yet. Here is the good news though – YouTube is gearing for a ‘Go Live’ feature for its mobile app. Just a couple of weeks ago on the Creator Blog, the video-sharing giant, stated that they would be adding the live streaming feature into YouTube’s mobile app in the feature.

When? We do not know, and we can’t tell yet, but one thing is for sure – it will be here before we know it. This is because while YouTube’s most recent still does not appear to have the functionality available to users, it looks the YouTube mobile app is preparing for its arrival.

An analysis of the code of its recent APK revealed an image with the word “Go Live”. According to Android Headlines blog, this image could be what users will see on the button which they can tap when they want to initiate the action that will allow to “live stream” something via their smart phone and share it with people online as it happens. YouTube has not mentioned a launch date for the ‘Go Live’ feature yet, but the image discovered from the APK could mean that it is right around the corner.

In addition to the ‘Go Live’ feature, recent YouTube update also showed changes in the UI. The button for uploading videos on the account page transitions into a camera icon and then open up a dark screen with a button which you need to tap in order to allow YouTube access to your camera. This is not necessarily a new one but it is becoming widely available across smart phone devices.

Just a few months ago, we were introduced to YouTube Gaming, and now Go Live. We’re wondering what YouTube has in store for us next.