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Fallout 4 is about surviving in a post-apocalyptic Boston and the game takes place in the year 2287, which is 210 years after a devastating nuclear war has forced people to take refuge in an underground bunker known as Vault 111. The game is played from the viewpoint of the player’s character (third-person perspectives available is also available) and it will not be easy to finish Fallout 4 without getting shot. However, a Twitch streamer, T_Ronix, has managed to complete the game unharmed.

As you know, in the year 2077, the player character, his wife/her husband, their son and Codsworth – their robotic butler, are approved for admittance into Vault 111, because an imminent nuclear attack is about to happen. The main character and his family are tricked to enter into cryogenic tubes, but after a while, unknown individuals are re-awakening the player character and his/her spouse, the latter is being killed and their son, Shaun, is being kidnapped. The player discovers that he/she is the sole survivor of Vault 111 and will try to find Shaun and to avenge the spouse’s death. Outdoor adventure begins here and the player (Sole Survivor) goes hunting.

A veteran survivalist Twitch streamer, T_Ronix, has proved that it’s not impossible to complete Fallout 4 without taking a hit, and he was focused on playing the game without using any stims either. It took him 30 hours to finish his journey and he avoived getting hit. T_Ronix wrote in the description of the final episode of his playthrough that “This challenge run here is to show that no hits in Fallout 4 is entirely possible”. He wasn’t hit by bullets, but he died once from a glitched car, so he will try again to complete the game with zero deaths and hopefully, he won’t encounter other glitches again.