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There is some new leaked information concerning the Galaxy Note 7 for Samsung fans! IT lovers spotted on Geekbench a couple of days ago a specific SM-N935F, which is thought to be the next Note device. Last month, there was another sight on an official website of a SM-N9305F, which is pretty similar to this one. It is possible that that was a different version and this wouldn’t be such a surprise, since we all know that Samsung guys like testing and designing various models before launching one officially.

The prototype of Note 7 that was spotted was running the Android 7.0 Nougat, which is another launching we are anxiously waiting for, since Google already announced it last week. Yesterday’s discovery though was a Galaxy Note 7 that was using a Android 6.1. This makes us wonder whether we should also be expecting a 6.1 Android version along the 7th one. Most likely, Google will not let the Android 6.0 be forgotten and they probably think about all the phones that will not be able to upgrade to Nougat.

Note 7 was working with an Exynos 8893, but it only had 4 GB of RAM, when everybody was expecting 6 GB. The N935F device was tested to times, and it gave different results: 2,161 single core and 8,280 multicore, and 2,300 single core and 8,110 multicore. However, these were tests that were done on prototypes and not on the actual devices. Numbers are expected to change if the final version of Note 7 will be officially released. The best idea for the moment is to just wait and see on which version Samsung will decide to keep as the seventh generation of Notes.