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Microsoft has launched its backward compatibility program a while ago, which allows you to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console. As expected, not all Xbox 360 games are working on the Xbox One console, but Microsoft has promised that the list with supported games will grow in time.

Red Dead Redemption is one of the games that have been added to the “backward compatibility program”, which means that you can now play this game on your Xbox One console. It is good to know that the Red Dead Redemption has been released for Xbox 360 back in 2010, which makes it a pretty old game.

The Xbox One comes with way better specifications than the old Xbox 360 console and this is one of the reasons why the Red Dead Redemption runs way better on the latest Microsoft’s console.

The guys from Digital Foundry are also offering a visual proof with a side-by-side comparison video showcasing how the Red Dead Redemption runs on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

One of the first things that you will see while playing Red Dead Redemption on your Xbox One is the frame rate which is a lot higher than on the Xbox 360. It seems that the Xbox One console is able to run this game at stable 30 FPS, while the Xbox 360 was rarely able to reach 25 FPS.

Unfortunately, the game’s visuals are unchanged, so you should not expect improvements. However, thanks to the increased performance, you will surely want to play it on the Xbox One console.

You can purchase the standard version of Red Dead Redemption from the Xbox Store for $10.49 dollars, but keep in mind that if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you will pay with $3 less than the normal price, which is now only $7.49.

Below, you can see the side-by-side comparison that we’ve told you about in this article: