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Samsung is dominating the smartphone market for the simple fact that it is offering consumers a wide range of mobile phones that run from expensive to affordable. In the first half of 2016 the Korean company has already released several models, including the Galaxy J7 and Galaxy C5 that is often compared because of their similarity in build and design.

It is important not to confuse the Samsung Galaxy J7 with the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), as it is an entirely different beast.

Now, what you don’t see beyond the aesthetics is what makes a real difference.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy C5 fall under the mid-range category, making them an affordable option than other mobile phones under the same brand. Although the Galaxy C5 is said to be intended for the Chinese market, there are rumors that it will be made available internationally. So now, people have to choose between these two models, if they want to own a Samsung without spending a lot.

What better way to make an informed decision than to compare both models side-by-side?

Samsung Galaxy J7

  • Dimensions (mm)            152.40 x 78.60 x 7.50
  • Weight (g)                     171
  • Battery capacity (mAh)     3000


  • Screen size (inches) 5.5
  • Resolution                      720×1280 pixels


  • Processor                       1.5GHz   octa-core
  • Processor make               Samsung Exynos 7580
  • RAM                              1.5GB
  • Internal storage               16GB


  • Rear camera                    13-megapixel
  • Front camera                   5-megapixel


  • Operating System             Android 5.1

Samsung Galaxy C5

  • Dimensions (mm)            145.90 x 72.00 x 6.70
  • Weight (g)                     143
  • Battery capacity (mAh)     2600


  • Screen size (inches) 5.2
  • Resolution                      1080×1920 pixels


  • Processor                       1.2GHz   octa-core
  • Processor make               Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
  • RAM                              4GB
  • Internal storage               32GB


  • Rear camera                    16-megapixel
  • Front camera                   8-megapixel


  • Operating System             Android 6.0.1

As you can see on the specifications, Samsung Galaxy J7 is bigger in almost everything – dimension, weight, battery capacity, screen size and processor speed. It also has a removable battery, while the Samsung Galaxy C5 is non-removable.

But there are certain areas where the Samsung Galaxy C5 gave the Galaxy J7 a run for its money – resolution, internal storage, rear and front camera, and RAM. And because the Samsung Galaxy C5 was released after Galaxy J7, it has the latest Android operating system of Android 6.0.1, as opposed to Android 5.1.

Does it feel like the comparison of specs and features isn’t helping you at all? Think of how you wish to use your mobile phone, and find out which of these devices meet your needs. If you plan to use your phone for taking pictures on the go, choose the Galaxy C5 with a better camera and higher resolution. Just remember that it doesn’t have a flash, so it might prove useless at night. This means you need to examine further what you really need from a phone in terms of taking pictures.

If you plan to use your smartphone for productivity apps you will be better off with the Samsung Galaxy J7 and its faster processor speed. Then again, with a RAM of 4GB and the latest OS, the Galaxy C5 still trumps the Galaxy J7 because you can install more apps that you can use.