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Almost everyone knows about Pokémon and this is the reason why Pokémon Go will most likely become one of the most popular games out there. If you own a decent smartphone, we are pretty sure that you’ve already downloaded the Pokémon Go on your mobile device. Today we will give you a guide that will help you succeed in this new game.

Once you will open the Pokémon Go game for the first time, you will see a map of your surroundings with your character placed in the middle of it. The floating blue squares are Poké Stops, while the large platforms are gyms. You will not need to care about the gyms until you reach level 5, so for now you will just need to visit as many Poké Stops, as you will be able to get free items and Pokémon Eggs which will hatch after you will use an incubator and travel a few kilometers with the game runs.

Pokémon Go will “force” you to go outside a lot more than before, in order to find Pokémons. By going outside you will most likely ran into Pokémons which you can catch.

Battery Saver Mode Is Your Friend

If you want to be alerted when a Pokémon spawns around you, you will need to permanently keep the Pokémon Go game running. In other words, the battery of your device will be used very fast and this is the reason why you will need to enable the Battery Saver Mode. The Battery Saver Mode can be found in the Settings Menu, in the top right corner of the screen when you will take on the Poké Ball icon. To activate the Battery Saver Mode, you will need to turn your smartphone upside-down and you will notice the display going dark, but the application will keep running.

Transferring Pokémons

So you already have a bunch of Pokémons and most of them are duplicates. At this moment, you will either want to keep them or transfer them to Professor Willow. However, make sure that you transfer the weaker duplicate Pokémons by checking their stats.

HINT: Once you transfer a Pokémon to the professor, it will be PERMANENTLY deleted from your collection, but you will get as a reward a Pokémon-specific candy which you will be able to use in order to evolve a Pokémon.

Leveling Up & Gym Battle

Now that you’ve understood the basics of the game, you should start leveling your character (everything you do in this game gets you experience). Once you reach level 5, you will be able to face off against gym leader in the area. Once you initiate a gym battle you will need to tap on the screen to attack and swipe to dodge attacks from the opposing Pokémon. Once you manage to defeat the gym leader, you will be able to claim the gym for yourself and start collecting rewards.

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