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It seems that Microsoft has been “quietly” editing its Xbox Play Anywhere promise, which it quite surprising. We remind you that, last week, Microsoft has informed the world that every new title that will be published by Microsoft Studios will support the Xbox Play Anywhere feature.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has changed its mind, as that blog post has been edited. Now, Microsoft claims in that blog post that every new title published from Microsoft Studio that was showcased onstage at E3 2016 will support Xbox Play Anywhere. Well, we didn’t expect that, especially from a big company such as Microsoft, but it seems that, unfortunately, it happened.
Xbox Play Anywhere is a feature that Microsoft has released, which allows you to purchase a game once and play it on both your Xbox One console and Windows 10 computer. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said that they had to edit that text because it could happen that a “unique game” will not function on Windows 10 computers.

Spencer also added that Microsoft still intends to bring its franchises on both Xbox One and Windows 10 computers in the future. In other words, Halo 6 will most likely come to Windows 10 computers and this will make a good amount of gamers very happy.

Let’s hope that Microsoft will not change its mind once again and decide to not bring a good amount of its own franchise to Windows 10 PC.

Xbox Play Anywhere Confirmed Games:

– Gears of War 4
– Forza Horizon 3
– ReCore
– Sea of Thieves
– Halo Wars 2
– Scalebound
– State of Decay 2
– Ark: Survival Evolved
– Killer Instinct Season 3
– We Happy Few
– Crackdown 3
– Cuphead.

What other games you would like to be included in the Xbox Play Anywhere program?