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There are some new leaks that reportedly show new details about the iPhone 8, for Apple fans and not only. Some new features for the upcoming iPhone 7 have also surfaced this week. We have two different reports that show what amazing features Apple plans to include for the future models that are expected to be released towards the end of this year (the 7th gen) and in 2017 (iPhone 8).

The most important feature that has been rumored recently about the iPhone 7 is the possibility that the charging will be done wirelessly. The leak also hints to another big change, the fact that the phone will resist even if it will be held under water for 30 minutes tops. Together, these two innovative features might convince lots of people to switch to iPhone products.

But you are indeed right to question the origin of these rumors and reports released by Forbes. Apparently, they have this information from a Chinese blog that communicates with some foreign supplies that collaborate with Apple. This blog managed to get some pictures of the iPhone 7 and it has now leaked them online.

Another report shown by Forbes is about the changes to iPhone 8. These are mostly about design, and it seems that the future device will enjoy a curved glass one, which is oddly similar to the Galaxy devices launched up until now. At the same time, this device will represent a celebration of the ten years since they released the first iPhone. However, there are some voices that say curved glass design is not the best option, since it increases the manufacturing costs for the device. Even so, it remains to be seen whether all these rumors will be true or not.