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Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps around the world today, but it’s far from perfect since its users have many challenges to face. One of the worst is dealing with trolls, who hide behind the mask of online anonymity and post rude and unkind comments on photos and videos.

Fortunately, Instagram is now taking a step to battle trolls and keep their nasty statements at a minimum. The Facebook-owned company has released a new tool named Comment Moderation which, when activated, will block comments with words or phrases that are reported as offensive and prevent these comments from showing up on users’ pages. This can greatly help with keeping Instagram pages free from racial slurs, swear words, and other rude statements.

This announcement will surely excite many Instagram users, but those with personal accounts will be disappointed to know that the new feature is available only to business pages. Still, for those who own a business, this can be a welcome change. This is particularly true for those whose Instagram pages are constantly barraged with rude comments from rival companies who use dirty marketing tactics as well as from regular online trolls.

Instagram’s Comment Moderation option won’t only protect existing users but will also attract more businesses and advertisers. There are many companies out there who want to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity and visual-centered platform but are hesitant to do so because of the rude comments that often pollute posts. By offering the Comment Moderation option, Instagram gives businesses and advertisers a way to have more control over the content and appearance of their Instagram pages and create clean and positive comment reels that contribute to better branding.

For those who have business pages in Instagram, they can use this new feature by going to Settings, choosing Comment Moderation, and turning on the Moderate Comments option.