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Are you not tired yet of waiting for the release of Half Life 3? Well, this might just be a good time to talk about since most of the things happening are nothing more than rumors. Perhaps not all fans out there are aware that over ten years have passed since this first-shooter game was played and still many hope for the best to come.

As of the moment, Valve has nothing hopeful yet for gamers to feast as developers are still having their hands full with other projects. On the same note, its creative writer is not with the company anymore. So the hopes about the release of the third instalment of Half Life should have been a bit clouded. However, that didn’t matter for many fans as they still want to see the much-awaited release of Half-Life 3.

Rumors about the Game

According to many, there are issues that need to be resolved in order to get the game back on track. Since the release of Half-Life 3 has yet to be made certain, a good script is expected to improve its chances. Hence, its CEO should make serious considerations before developing the sequel to the game.

Furthermore, he said that if ever they will go back to develop the game and do a classic product, it should be in consensus with the people at Valve that they would want to do it in accordance with a very reasonable explanation.

Expected Release Date for Half-Life 3

An enticing script is needed in order to bring back the game to its former glory. However, it will only be just like other games in the market as fans might get interested with something better than what they have expected in the first place.

As of the moment, virtual reality (VR) is pretty much in the spotlight in which many games are going in that direction. For this reason, could it be possible that Valve should follow suit and use the same old technology? The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing games for VR technology. Perhaps the developers at Valve will have an answer for that since they have a research team for VR for that matter.

The good thing though is that there are people being assigned to develop the much-awaited Half-Life 3 game. However, it was estimated to be just around a third of the entire workforce of Valve are working to get the job done. So, speculations begin to flourish as they may see Half-Life 3 that is VR-ready in 2018.

The fans are not yet convinced that the game has left them for good. In fact, lots of them still have faith in the development team that Valve has given the task to continue the work that they have started. For this reason, hopes are still high as they want to see Half Life 3 with better specs than what they have anticipated in the first place. After all, it could be in VR!