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As fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Rockstar’s next instalment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, rumors about its delay are quickly spreading. In fact, they are going to be much more disappointed if the release won’t be as timely as the anticipated consoles like the PS5 from Sony and the Xbox Two from Microsoft.

Rumors about the Game

There were speculations that the game will be released together with two popular gaming consoles. However, it has now been rumored not to happen for the meantime. For this reason, it is expected to happen in 2020 but not in 2018 as what many believed it to be.

According to Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar will be announcing its projects for the future soon. Thus, GTA 6 is included in the projects that they are planning to push through. Nevertheless, Rockstar still needs to confirm about this development.

Biggest Updates about GTA 6

There are huge improvements about the much-anticipated installment to the GTA franchise. Here are some of the notable updates to look forward to.

  1. World Map Feature

Past rumors predicted there could be a huge chance that the company will finally combine the maps found in past game titles. But there are much ambitious moves that the company is doing to bring about the new GTA installment.

To justify these rumors, sources say that it might feature a whole world map. So, if this will really happen soon, it might not just be the most ambitious but also the grandest. Nevertheless, the developers couldn’t just be able to complete such a task given the difficulty and challenge that could only benefit a single game.

  1. Right-Hand Drive Cars

It has been rumored that GTA 6 will be focused on London which fans couldn’t stop talking about. Despite the fact that the company is still to make a confirmation about the existence of its sixth installment, its co-founder hinted about developments that could focus abroad. So fans have every possible reason to speculate regarding a location in the UK.

Having said that, this could also mean that cars will be designed to be right-hand drive. Therefore, speculations begin to surface that this might affect the gameplay or the users for that matter.

  1. Not Part of the E3

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 in Los Angeles Convention Center, there was obviously no news about the release of GTA 6. Thus, fans hoping to get a confirmation about the game’s existence were left disappointed. In fact, this could pose a bad news for all the fans awaiting the announcement to happen. Well, this remains to be seen if that will really have to be a negative indication about the update for the GTA 6 or otherwise.

If you are one of the enthusiasts who are desperately waiting for the highly-regarded GTA 6 to be announced any time soon, then perhaps you still need to extend your patience a little bit longer.