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Flash Player popularly goes by other names such as Shockwave Flash and Adobe Flash Player. This software is offered for free that can be downloaded from the Adobe Systems website. This can be utilized as a plug-in for web browsers in order to view content built on the platform of Adobe Flash. Content may include video and audio streaming.

In order to continually enjoy the benefits of Flash Player, Adobe has issued certain patches in which some may be critical in nature. Some of these patches will allow several fixes for possible vulnerabilities which might allow threats to take over a computer system. For extreme instances, Adobe also issues some security fixes that could handle exploits to current vulnerabilities elsewhere.

Thus, it is essential to learn about the options for updating or removing Adobe Flash player. This is intended to ensure the security and safety of any computer system as well as the stability of certain Flash Web content that could be encountered. If you are not aware how to check the current version of the Adobe Flash Player in your computer, how to update this application or to remove it from the system in a proper manner, then here are pretty simple tips you can follow.

  • Utility Feature for Checking Current Adobe Flash Version

There is an easy way to check if you have an updated Flash Player installed which can be done via a utility that only Adobe can provide. This can also allow if you indeed have a Flash Player installed. This can be done by visiting the utility of Adobe by just clicking the Check Now button. Simply follow the instructions as you go along the procedure offered by the software.

  • Updating Flash Player

Once knowing that you have an outdated Flash Player version, you simply need to update it in order to avoid any inconvenience. You just need to visit their website: and try to click the yellow button labeled Install Now. Take note that Adobe might be offering the Optional Offer when you choose to download and install any added software when you update your Flash Player. Otherwise, you need not accept the offer. However, you must ensure that you uncheck the Optional Offer checkbox before you even click the Install Now button.

Once the installation package has been downloaded to your computer, you need to click the button labeled Save File in order to proceed. Note that the version of the Flash Player will vary each time you will make an update. You can look into the Downloads area of your browser or you can just double-click the installer icon found on your desktop.

  • Removing Flash Player

If you think you no longer need to use Flash Player for Windows due to personal or security reasons, you simply need to download the uninstaller program from Adobe and close any open applications then restart your computer. On the Mac, you can uninstall Flash Player depending on the version of the operating system that your computer has. You only need to complete the process as instructed by Adobe in order to completely remove the software.

Updating to the latest Adobe Flash Player update can give a lot of benefits, including flawless handling of video, audio or text files. Perhaps it is time that you update your own Flash Player as well.