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Downloading a file, much more a game, used to be a pain in the ass. There are just dozens of websites and loads of apps to choose from with no way to verify if they are legit or do not contain any virus. And then Google Play Store was born.

This app lets you download and install apps on any Android phone officially and securely. The Play Store serves as Google’s official portal for all Android apps, games and contents to your smart phone or tablet, just like App Store to Apple devices.

Then of course, not all apps on Play Store – free or otherwise – can be downloaded that easily. There are such things as country restrictions, storage availability and the like. So, what should you do?

Simple. Just download and install APK files from Google Play to your computer and then install it to your tablet or phone later.

How’s that done? Follow these steps on how to download APK files from Play Store if your Android device is short on space or you want to bypass country restrictions. You can use either Chrome extension or use a website that will generate the download link for you. If you are likely to download lots of APK files, then consider an extension for Chrome or whatever browser you are using.

Downloading APK using Chrome extension

Step 1: Add APK downloader to Chrome

Go to Chrome Web Store and then type “apk downloader” on the search bar located on upper left side of the page. A list of APK downloader will show up. Choose the one you like. Some users prefer CodeKiem APK downloader extension v2 because it supports both Chrome and Firefox.

After you have downloaded the extension to your browser, enter your email address. This will be stored in the Chrome extension that is associated with your Google Play account. Also, enter your device ID for later requests.

Tip: To get your device ID, download a Device ID app on your device. This will give you your Android ID when you open it. Also, use of the email address listed in the Device ID, along with its associated password, to log in to the APK downloader you added to Chrome.

Step 2: Download the APK app to your computer

After you have successfully logged in to the APK Downloader, open Play Store using your computer and find the app you want to download. You will notice that there is now a ‘Download APK’ option to the ‘Install’ or ‘Buy’ button. Click it to download the app you want.

Step 3: Install the APK file on your Android phone or tablet

First thing first, enable the ‘Unknown source’ option in your Android device’s security settings. This will allow the device to accept APK files from your computer.

Then, use a USB cable to connect your device to your PC. Your phone should show up like a USB storage device. Copy the APK file downloaded in your PC to your phone or tablet – preferably in Downloads folder so you can locate it easily later.

Open your Android device’s File Manager app and go to the Downloads folder. Tap the APK file you just transferred and allow permission to install it to your device. Once done, make sure to disable ‘Unknown sources’ to keep unauthorized devices from accessing your phone.

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