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From a limited time, iOS users can download a variety of paid applications without spending a dime on them. Usually, they don’t cost a lot of money, but if they’re free, it’s even more satisfying. However, you must hurry up and grab them, because the offer will expire soon and these applications will return to their original prices. Here’s a list of recommendations and we think you’ll be grateful for telling you about them.

Next-Numbers ($1.99)

Using this game each day, you will train your brain and improve your focus. There are two options to play this game: Blitz – you will need to find as many numbers as possible within 60 minutes; Zen – you won’t be pressed by the time, but your score will depend on it. So, try to find as many numbers as fast as possible.

Sky Live (99 cents)

This application works with Apple Watch and it informs you about what’s happening above you at the moment, but it will also alert you of upcoming astronomical events and will offer you space photos with accurate hourly conditions. So, if you want to know what’s happening in space, in the next seven days, this is the right app for you.

Meeting Box ($2.99)

This note taker will save you at school, when you want to take notes during lectures, but it can be used at work, as well. You can add text, photos, scribble, sketch and export notes as PDF files, and send them via email.

Lightning Assault (99 cents)

In this game, you will be a modern jet fighter and you’ll take down UFOs, before they invade your planet. For each kill you will earn credits, and when completing missions, you can unlock upgrade combat aircraft and special high-tech weapons.

Plugs of the World ($2.99)

This application is perfect for travelers who need to charge their smartphones during overseas trip. Plugs of the World app offers information about wall plugs, sockets and voltage in over 250 countries and regions.

EXP Deals Hotel ($4.99)

This application will tell you which hotel is being discounted (up to 70 percent).