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End-to-end encryption is a security feature that puts a seal on seal on users’ messages, which can be read only by the sender and recipient. There are many messaging applications that offer this feature and Facebook Messenger is the latest one that introduced it. Let’s see what the rest of applications are.

Facebook Messenger

We’ll start with this popular application, which has 900 million active users, but which hasn’t enabled end-to-end encryption by default. The application has the Secret Conversation mode with end-to-end encryption, and it offers an optional timer indicating how long a secret message will stay visible on the two devices – of the sender and recipient, while they’re having the conversation.


E2EE was rolled in April for all types of messages, including voice calls, videos, photos and regular text (the latter was already encrypted) Now, 1 billion users from all over the world can chat freely, without worrying that their messages are being read by authorities or WhatsApp itself.


You’ve all heard of the San Bernardino shootings, and how Apple has fought with the US government to keep device owner’s data private. iMessage has been secured by E2EE a while ago, but if users prefer to store their messages on the iCloud, Apple can’t protect them against authorities, if they come with a warrant.


This is Google’s messaging application and it offers an Incognito Mode as an option, as the end-to-end encryption is not available by default. Google believes artificial intelligence can do better than E2EE in some instances.


E2EE was brought to Viber in version 6.0, for texts and voice chats, between users and groups. This feature is available for both the desktop and mobile version of the application and different E2EE settings are indicated by color-coded “locks”.


E2EE is offered through Letter Sealing, which is activated by both the sender and recipient. If the recipient doesn’t turn on the function, the message will be turned over to Japanese authorities if they have a warrant.


Users of this application must enable the Secret Chat mode if they want to be protected by end-to-end encryption, otherwise their messages will be stored on Telegram’s servers.

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