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Many people may be aware that Android operating systems no longer support Adobe Flash Player ever since its version 11.1 release.

A number of sites claim they have the apk files for Flash that people can install onto their device. However, this needs to be done with an abundance amount of caution since many include malware.

Besides going through the Archive page of Adobe Flash Player, Android users have the option of third-party browsers to safely watch Flash content onto their Android device.



A long favorite for using Flash Player on Android devices due to the way it renders the Flash content effectively. When it’s installed, it will automatically run content that needs the platform. It’s not an ideal solution though since some content that’s been created was done with later than 11.1 versions won’t work. On top of that, the continuous ad banners is a little distracting.



There are a number of advantages with this browser over FlashFox and Dolphin. It’s similar to FlashFox in that it will run Flash-driven content when it’s been installed. However, it needs to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that content developed with the latest Flash versions are supported. With the arrow and mouse keys on overlay, a person may feel they’re on a desktop computer.

Puffin renders Flash content in the cloud, making the playbacks a bit choppy since the data is transferred from overseas. Users can deal with this by reducing the Flash quality in the settings of the browser.



This browser isn’t like Puffin or FlashFox, Flash Player doesn’t work by default. Instead, users will need to go to the settings menu, tap on Web Content and ensure Flash Player is always on. From there, users will need to visit a Flash Player website to determine if the browser is working. Dolphin users will be asked to download Adobe Flash Player, and when prompted, they need to tap download.

It’s important people understand that “Unknown Sources” needs to be enabled – accessible through the settings menu and finally Security. Once done, users can enjoy Flash content. Dolphin won’t work on as many sites as Puffin but it does offer a smoother experience. Combined with Dolphin Jetpack, the entire experience can be made better.

Anybody who’s using Android can benefit from the above browsers if they want to watch Flash content from Adobe Flash Player. It will allow them to run games, video and a host of other programs that need it.