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There was a recent update regarding the release of iOS 9.3.3 which Apple Inc. has given to developers in May 2016. The version was in beta that was available for download from OTA or from the Developer Center, provided they have registered in a program for beta testing. However, it was not considered a huge update as it was just more of a bug fix. Perhaps the new features are just saved for the iOS 10 to be released in June at the WWDC. One thing remarkable though is the mention of the iOS 9.3.2 which could mean that the new firmware will contain fixes regarding the bricking issue, which most iPad Pro users have experienced.

If you are going to ask about what happened to the supposed jailbreaks, the latest version that you can use is the iOS 9.1 jailbreak with the help of Pangu. This is because of the many updates released by Apple early this year, the company was able to patch exploits that could have been useful for the subsequent jailbreaks. Although a couple of developers were able to have successfully jailbroken later versions of the firmware, they would not release any developments in public.

Is There a Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3?

Basically, there are no official jailbreaks made after iOS 9.1, but there were rumors that a beta version is available. In fact, an Italian developer and hacker has revealed that a beta version of iOS 9.3.3 was jailbroken on an iPod. However, if you are looking for jailbreak versions from TaiG or Pangu, it is likely that you will be stuck on iOS 9.1. Hence, you shouldn’t update your iOS device unless a new jailbreak version has been released.

Expected Release of Jailbreak Installer

The fact that there are a number of updates going on, the expected release of iOS 9.3+ could be a bit gloomy. This is due to the fact that every version always has patches as though the previous versions have considerable flaws every time they are released. The only chance that should be left for fans is that one development team would be generous enough to release something that should remedy this condition before the iOS 10 will be released.

Patience Is a Virtue

Perhaps the best option for iOS users out there is to wait and just save everything that they have. Take note that iOS 10 can be release soon by Apple Inc. So developers might be thinking if they will either focus on the upcoming release of iOS 10 or they will simply produce a jailbreak for version iOS 9.3+ while Apple is focused on their effort to make iOS 10 public soon.

The reason why developers are hesitant to release the beta version of their jailbreak to the public is the possibility that Apple will fix potential security issues on their iOS 9.3.3 beta updates. Therefore, Apple wasn’t able to fix any unpublished beta jailbreak because of this. So, there’s a huge probability that Pangu will soon release a jailbreak version of the iOS 9.3.3.